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Dolce Vita Presentation Box

Dolce Vita Presentation Box

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Our dessert teas just may be the perfect way to enjoy sweet cravings without the guilt. We searched the globe for its most inspired ingredients: intoxicating cinnamon, rich cacao beans and luscious raspberries. Naturally sweet, nearly calorie-free and filled with antioxidants.

Included tea types: Herbal Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea
Included teas and descriptions below. Blends: Berry Basket, Raspberry Coconut, Pear Cobbler, Belgian Mint & Mango Melange

Perfect for: Dinner parties. Anytime treats. Friends with a sweet tooth.


Belgian Mint

A decadent, full-bodied infusion with the taste of dark chocolate sublimely fragrant with the enticement of mint. Seductively delicious, this cup is a great substitute for dessert.